Here at Sureclean we have experience in everything from carpet cleaning to hard floor sealing, in both Domestic and Commercial environments, so you can rest assured! The products we use are organic, which means they are safe for both children and pets, yet don't compromise on performance! And whats more they don't contain any harsh detergents or bleaches, and are completely biodegradable, which means there won't be any residue left behind to attract dirt. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you're not happy, we will do it again.

As well as the carpet and upholstery cleaning, we also offer many other services such as stain an odour removal, a must if you have pets! Please see below for the available services we have an offer:

Carpet cleaning | Sofa cleaning | Upholstery cleaning | Modern and Oriental Rugs | Curtain cleaning | Mattress cleaning | Leather cleaning | Tile and Grout cleaning | Hard floor Cleaning | Vynil Cleaning | Stone Cleaning | Safety Floors | Carpet and Upholstery protection | Stain Removal | Odour Removal | Sanitizing | Allergy Treatments | Flea Treatment | Insect removal

Safe Organic Cleaning

The products that Sureclean use are all Eco Friendly, Safe Organic Cleaning Products, that are perfectly safe for children and pets.

Before we begin we have to determine what cleaning method to use, which depends on the types of fabric and fibres of your carpet and upholstery. The most common process used is a method known as Hot Water Extraction (HWE), which is often incorrectly referred to as steam cleaning. We use a lower temperature  when HWE cleaning, reducing the risk of damaging fabrics and fibres with high temperatures.

We first pre-treat the upholstery or carpet with our Eco Friendly Organic Pre-Sprays, which break down the soil bonding, then the warm water is used to extract the dirt and soil. We don't use any harmful detergents or solvents at any stage during the cleaning process, which can leave behind dirt attracting residues. The Organic Cleaning Products are biodegradable, sanitizes and removes oudors which means you can go longer inbetween cleans and leaves fresh clean surfaces.

Domestic Cleaning

Sureclean clean anything from carpets to curtains, with 100% satisfaction guarantee! If your not happy, we do it again.

We only use green, eco friendly organic cleaning products, which are safe for both children and pets, and don't leave any dirt attracting residues behind. We can take care of everything from Odour and Stain Removal to Flea Treatment, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Modern and Oriental Rug Cleaning, Upholstery, Leather Cleaning and Conditioning and Carpet and upholstery protection.

As with all household items used on a daily basis such as carpets, suites etc, we don't always notice the gradual build up of dirt. But regular cleaning can not only help maintain the appearance of your carpets and upholstery, but also helps increase their lifespan by removing dried in dirt that can be abrasive and damaging to fabrics.

Rapid Drying

At Sureclean we use a Rapid drying process, Things dry very quickly. If drying is an issue we can use air movers to speed up the process.

Commercial Cleaning

Sureclean has  experience in commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, for Offices, Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, Schools, Rest Homes and Nursing Homes.

We have undergone many Nationally Recognised Training Courses, and can meet the demand of any businesses budget and requirement. We offer various cleaning methods: Hot water extraction (HWE) and Low Moisture (LM) Pad cleaning and Very Low Moisture (VLM) cleaning, as we understand that a business doesn't have the time to allow for hours of drying! Drying time usually ranges between 30 - 60 minutes with our Low Moisture systems.

As with domestic cleaning, We use green, eco friendly cleaning products, which means no dirt attracting residue is left behind, meaning there will be no rapid resoiling and extending the lifespan of you carpets and upholstery.

At Sureclean we also clean tile and grout, stone, vinyl and safety flooring.